Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thinking outside of the {Dress Box}

Looking back over my wedding pictures almost a year after my big day, there are several things that I look at and wish i could change, but one thing that sticks out more so then anything else is my bridesmaid dresses. I wish that I had not gone with the norm trend of long bridesmaid dresses. Though I did think slightly outside of the box, I wish that I had really found dresses that reflected my personality and sense of style. We are in the south and southern brides alot of times are too scared to really make their day unique. I have heard {black dresses} from more brides then anything this year, and though I think that black dresses are beautiful and classic, I do believe that alot of brides choose that because it is {safe}. As southern belles we are tagged instantly to be big dresses, big hair, and not much style. The Sassy Sister are in love with the east coast style, and are trying to slowly but surely bring it into the East coast. Here are a few examples of some dresses that are alternatives to the normal drab bridesmaid dresses. These are not dresses that will overpower you and your beautiful day, but will show how fun, flirty, and so so trendy you are. HINT check out {Anthropologie}. You can NEVER go wrong with a dress from there!
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