Monday, May 24, 2010

A Big {Hunk} O' Love: Baby Memphis... Coming Soon

Charlotte Maternity Photographer

As Photographers, we never know what we are gonna get when we book a session. Whether the couple will be more plain and simple, or more of our style {trendy, indie, & vibrant}.  Well, we definitely hit the jackpot with Davina and Jeff.  We struggled at first finding a location for their retro inspired prego shoot, but when we showed up to the Bradford Store, which luckily they found, we were inspired to say the least.  My mind was going a thousand miles a minute, as was my mouth, and we found treasures before they ever showed up.  When Davina and Jeff showed up in their 1952 Chrysler, that was absolutely perfect, and Davina stepped out with her adorable dress, fiery red hair, high heels, and Jeff had his hair slicked back, complete with tattoos, and roackabilly style, we about hit the floor.  This is the couple that we had always dreamed about photographing.  They were amazing, and we can not wait until we get to meet Baby Memphis.  We hope you enjoy this retro-inspired prego shoot, because we sure did.  More to come soon.  I promise, you are gonna want to see this whole sneak peek!







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