Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nothing Could Be {Sweeter}

Janelle and Brian could not be a more perfect couple.  They won our Love you {Deer} contest. When she wrote us and told us their story, we were bursting with ideas, and were so excited to go all out.  They are both elementary teachers, Janelle teaches K-5 & Brian teaches music.   When they got engaged he led her on a scavenger hunt that led to her 2 favorite things {diet sundrop & skittles}.  We were able to shoot at the apple orchards at Carrigan Farms, which was really neat, and we always love new places to shoot.  We have known Janelle for a very long time, went to high school with her, played sports with her, but we have never seen her glow like she does when she is with Brian.  We are so happy for you guys and glad that we were able to have this fun, crazy experience with you. P.S. we hope Brian didn't get any poison ivy on him:(






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