Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A {Pirate's} Life For Me

Charlotte Family Photography

One of the most important things to us, and one thing that makes us Sassy Sisters feel so good is loyal clients.  We {LOVE} did we say Love? because we LOVE the Klenke family.  They were one of our first clients ever to trust us with their photographs, and not even a year later here we are again taking cute little Austin's 2 year old pics.  Austin is all into pirates right now, so we thought we would take him on an adventure down a river's bend to an abandoned mill, that it is rumored that long lost treasure is buried there... not really so don't go digging looking for it or anything.  Joy and Scott, I must say are a super hot couple, and she can pose like it is her day-job. Don't tell anybody, but we love that about her! Though it was not our intention, some of their shots turned out very twilight-esque. Not that we are complaining, being the twilight-dweebs that we are.  So without further rambling from me, here are the Klenke's pics.




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