Sunday, May 16, 2010

{Sibling} Rivalry

The Wikes are into all things having to do with and having to deal with hunting {I think it comes from their dad}. Ethan is all things manly with his guns, bow & Arrows, huntin' dog, and truck, and Carrie, on the other hand, though loves to hunt too, definitely has that Miss Priss girly side {which we like}. Carried is really getting into photography lately, another thing which we like about her, and we had some fun messing around with her camera, and My {Cryssi's} very first camera.  Though there was some sibling teenage years dislike towards each other, which we all have, you could also feel the love. Thanks guys for being so awesome, though it was blistering  hot, and a big thank you to mama Wike for sticking it out even when her allergies were flaring up and she found a tick on her:)


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