Thursday, June 10, 2010

Midweek {Slice of Sass} : Loving Yourself

HHHMMMM.. the number one thing I think to myself or hear from moms are I will get family pics done when I lose weight, or I will get pics done when my face clears up, or when I shrink 5 inches. So I ask you and myself... WHAT IS OUR PRoBLEM? Do you really think your kids are going to look back at that pic in 20 years and think to themselves WOW I really wish mom had lost 10 lbs for this pic. I can answer that... NO.. and if your kids do then they are selfish brats that need a good kick in the tail {but your kids would never do that ;)} ONe thing that I wish I had more of growing up is good family pics.
So today I say embrace your flawz love yourself for that infectious laugh. Love yourself because you make the best dang brownies. Love yourself because you are the most important person to someone in the world. Love yourself because you have purpose. Love yourself for the reasons that everyone else loves you. We are going to change this world one mindset at a time.. So open your arms, wrap them around yourself, and see the beauty of every fan and client that we see through our lens..
So on this mid-week love fest, the person we are swooning over is ourselves.... ps the song doesn't start until a minute in {just heads up}

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