Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bridesmaid Dresses: For the {Fashion} Forward Bride

Funniest phrase ever : Oh girls you can so wear this bridesmaid dress again. All you need to do is raise the hem.

Wait did you just say that about a poofy taffeta hot pink dress that is to the floor with a black sash/bow in the back? Let me be honest with you.. you will never wear that dress again. {Yep that's a reality check for ya:)} If I could go back and change something about my wedding, the first place I would start.. or one of the first places would be the Bridesmaid dresses. I really wish that I had gotten something that was more my style, and that my girls really could wear again.

I know.. I know we are in the south. I know.. TRADITION.. TRADITION.. TRADITION.. blah blah blah. Sorry I about broke out into some Fiddler on the Roof {If you haven't seen that movie.. sorry for the confusion.} So what is all this about. what am I getting at.. why am I babbling on and on about overly expensive dresses that your poor bridesmaids have to act excited about? I am hear to show you alternatives to the traditional boring super duper formal bridesmaid dresses. Yes there are alternatives to Bridal Stores!

If you know anything about Sassyfras and the Sassy Sisters we will find any excuse and any way to make someones pics a little more vintage or indie. Sometimes I wish I could blink my eyes and west coast style finally have made it to the east coast, but sense we seem to be a little behind the times, I am going to open your eyes to a world of possibilities..

I just want to give a shout out to Anthropologie... Urban Outfitters... J Crew {Weddings} & {Marc Jacobs, Tadashi Shoji, Andrew Marc, Decode 1.8, Julie Brown, & Max & Cleo} for today's {Sassperation}! You make my world go round.. and round... and beautifully around.

So here are some tips for what is in right now:
1. Prints Prints Prints
2. Completely different dresses with similar shades of a color mixing patterns, prints, styles {not matchy matchy though.}
3. Letting your girls pick out completely different dresses.. WHAT?? have a general feel and theme, but let them be creative and fun
4. BOLD colors.. or soft pastels
5. Fall our winter add a girly adorable cardigan
6. last but not least.. and our favorite.. vintage flirty twiggy dresses {Flattering on EVERYONE}


P.S. 95% of these dresses are under $200.. YAY!

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