Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday- Slice of {Sass}

I very rarely get personal on our blog, but I'm feeling the need to think about a very special person near and dear to mine and Lollie's hearts. We grew up with our meemaw teaching us what the definition of hospitality, grace, loveliness, kindness, and of course Sass really meant. From Jitterbugging in her den, to listening to stories from long ago about war, life, and of course love, she showed us how to be a spectacular person. She always told us we would do great things in life, and I know that if she were still with us, she would be our #1 fan, and trust me if you had known her, you all would be her #1 fans.

I scarcely ever think about meemaw without shedding a tear or two. She was our joy, our worlds, and her home was our safe haven. We even came up with our name while swimming at our home {Sassyfras} it seemed so much like something that she would say.. we considered {Fric & Frac} too .. hehe one of her favorite terms.

She was the shoulder to bare our burdens, through our not so graceful teenage years, and a voice to sing with us while cruising to the nearest Kholes {or as she said NOLES} for our next shopping trip. Her house was filled with laughter, cookies, and the best back-scratches you could imagine. Life seems so much more grey without her here. If you have ever lost someone, you know how you try to grasp onto ever scent and memory for as long as they will linger. There are days I still walk to her closet, open the doors, reach in to one of her very sophisticated stylish dresses, breathe in a scent and pray that it is still there. I wish you could have known her. Everyone that knew her loved her. She never met a stranger, and if she did she would invite them into her house for a sandwich and a coke {never diet}.

As, I look at our business, and the expansion that we have had over the last year and a half, I think to myself, that Meemaw must have made a VERY good friend in Jesus since she has been up there! I know she rejoices with us, with every new client and shoot we book.. especially the weddings. For now, I just want to leave you with a small grasp of this amazing woman. She meant everything to us. Lollie & I can never listen to Moon River without thinking of her & my sweet peepaw and the love that they shared. So, to get your Friday started with some Love, and in loving thoughts and memories of such an incredible woman....


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