Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Getting a Little Snap Happy

It is about that time of year again... where I wake up with the sound of wedding bells ringing in the distance. We are leaving for the grand state of California in exactly 1 week, marking the kickoff for our wedding season. Exciting? Definitely! Every wedding gives new personalities, new dresses, adorable shoes, swoon worthy decor, and of course... 2 crazy photographers. I guesstimate that in the next 5 months we will have snapped our cameras about 40,000 times... crazy, right?! The motion has become almost habitual now, much like how a typist will randomly type words in her head all day.

I love being THAT person on the biggest day of a girls and guys life. The one that also becomes the lip-stick finder, the butt of the groomsmen jokes, the floral mishap fixer, the smile maker. It is alot of responsibility but has the biggest level of fun in return.

Today, while thinking of this big time of year fast approaching, I was rummaging on the web through anything and everything photography related and tripped on this amazing site. I looked from camera to camera to camera, to camera bag, to film to all things adorable and was literally grinning from ear to nose to ear. To me, there is nothing as fun as a camera... BUT what is even better is when you actually have a FUN camera. How fun would it be to lug one *or all* of these around all day. I do love my beautiful Nikon in classic black, but it lacks a certain inspiration when I glance at it; whereas I doubt if it was the shape and color of a juice box, I would have no problem beaming and showing it off to any and everyone that would glance my way.

So, all you snap happy shutterbugs, go take a browse at these adorable cameras at Four Corner Store Go ahead and buy one if it will put a smile on your face. I am already scheming up a reason to buy a juice box one for me... um I mean my daughter:) Pin It Now!

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