Friday, March 11, 2011

the fragility of life...

Life can blow by so fast that we barely even feel it. We live each day with thoughts such as "what should I wear? What do I want to eat? or Do I want to go shopping or take a nap?" that completely take over our lives. I would even venture to say that more than ninety percent of the thoughts we have each day revolve around us. We, myself included, are at times selfish and undeserving of the blessings we are given. The Bible tells us in James 4:4 that our lives are like vapors... here for a bit and then completely gone... all it takes is one single moment of a blinked eye to completely erase someones life.

This afternoon after hearing about all the devastation in Japan, my heart aches for people I have never seen. My biggest worry this morning was whether I would have my daughter ready for the sitters in time to make it to work. I barely kissed her goodbye and left my beautiful home without a second thought of thanks for all the joys I have in my life. It saddens me to know that there are thousands if not millions of terrified people across the sea just yearning for a bit of hope, a bit of help, a bit of love... especially when I take so much for granted every second of every day.

If you can help with the crisis in Japan, then I urge you to. If you will pray for the people hurting and confused then I plead that you will. It is our job to be a light to the hurting and a hope to the hopeless. Take a moment just to look around you... at your phone, your computer, your extra cushiony couch, your husband/ wife, your children, your home, your clothes... be thankful! And do not be afraid to show more love today than you did yesterday... show more love tomorrow than you did today! Because life is fragile and we all need to be thankful for every breath of it.
Much xoxoxo and prayers to all those affected by the earthquake and tsunami
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