Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Castles of Broken Swingsets

Christen and I are two crazy girls...seriously! We were raised by a crazy mother who would do egyptian dancing in our rooms after midnight, or would creep into our rooms whispering *Watermelon toast... watermelon toast* Do not ask me where that came from, I have no idea :)She would snuggle with us in her bed and scream *STEAM ROLLER* as she proceeded to roll over us squishing us to the limit :) She would make us songs while driving down the road and by the time we arrived home, they were forever embedded in our brains.  We were raised in a house full of girls... 1 awesome momma and us 4 sisters and we loved each other fiercely {and still do!
Some of the fondest memories I have of Cryssi and I were in our back yard, rapidly collecting wild onions and grass to make into a poisonous stew to ward off the evil witch! Our daddys wheelbarrow was the boiling pot and our giant spruce trees limb was the spoon. Our backyard was our inspiration. It was a land where girls who wore hand-me-downs could be princesses... where grass necklaces could be diamonds... where a broken swing set could be a castle... and we sisters could be warriors :) It was our happy place and I still go home to momma and daddys house and smile from those back yard memories. 

Growing up can be a good thing, but there is also some bad that is mixed in. When dreamers turn into adults, we sometimes forget about all of that bunched up inspiration that made our eyes sparkle. Being photographers without a studio means that Christen and I have to be constantly searching for that sparkle to return. We cling to inspiration and sigh when it hits us. Inspiration takes so many forms... sometimes, it can be in the form of a person, and that is what we are celebrating! We want to share stories with you that have inspired us to be better people... better photographers... better women of God. We want you to sit in your comfy chairs, wrap up in your favorite blanket, have that warm cup of coffee or tea in hand and share in what makes us go day to day with smiles inside and out. Some of these people we have never met, but hope to! Some of them have been in our lives for years and others for months. Some have made us laugh until we hurt and others have made us shed tears of joy. All of them are beautiful people full of joy and inspiration just oozing from them. All of them see life through a different lens than what we use. All of them have a boldness that quickens us to take that extra leap of faith. I promise that you will all fall in love with each of them!

We will be posting our first Eye Sparkler on Thursday and you ALL HAVE to meet her! I am not going to spoil it but she has made Cryssi, I, and our familys look at life differently. She has made us cry and smile and want to attack the world with love. She is a warrior in every sense of the word and has a passion that is contagious. :) We have been anxiously waiting and cannot wait for you a to meet her :)

Cant wait to share our stories with you!!! PS, we would LOVE to hear your eye sparkler stories! Who has inspired you in life?! Who makes you want to wake up each day and embrace life a little harder? Cannot wait to hear!!!
extra extra xoxo
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  1. The one who has touched my heart, moved me to tears, and inspire me is my former student Asma. I met her in Jan. 09, and it was my first quarter as an ESL instructor. Asma is from Libya and came to Ohio to study and receive an M.A. in microbiology. She has shown such strength, motivation, and determination to succeed. She blew away when she was very pregnant and was ready to have her baby girl. She had the baby during midterm exam week and came back to school ready to work (she also got all her midterm projects finished and turned in before the baby came). It was as if she was never pregnant. But she got through our ESL program and was admitted to her graduate program.

    Now...it's been three years, and she finally completed her degree and passed her thesis defense. She has been the one student who has moved me to tears because of her strength and passion to succeed. However, now...that she is finished...she will be returning to the Middle East and try to find her family. My heart aches when I think about her (and her husband and two kids) returning to a place that is dangerous and full of violence. I always hope that she will change her mind and stay.

    But I know that things happen for a reason, and I believe that we will meet again. No, I know we will meet again.

    This is a woman who has given me so much inspiration to do more than teach and take photos. It has given me inspiration to start something to help women in her situation and who have the desire to have an education and make something of themselves.

    (sorry for the long message)

  2. No apologies Mailinh!! the longer the better :) What a courageous lady! i love hearing stories of women who give their all to succeed in their dreams! We will be praying for her and her family!! God has put you in her path for a reason and I know you have made just as much a difference in her heart as she has in yours! Beautiful story :)