Friday, September 9, 2011

on a {whim}

One thing that I love about the always exciting world of facebook is the accidental connection with people all over the country. The other day I was just scrolling around photographers and came upon one site that really made me pause. There was a purity in the pictures... something so lovely and real that it just made me catch my breath a couple of times.

One thing that Cryssi and I strive to do through Sassyfras Studios is make people feel the love through their pictures. We are not the best posers, prop makers, creatives, etc... in the world... but we hope that with each session, people can see and feel love for each other.

While scrolling through Kelly Paulson's pictures on her amazing page Wild{Whim} design + photography I had that feeling. Her use of lighting and composition really made me happy... but one thing that stood out to me was the fun way that she captured love. You have Have HAVE to check out her album entitled My Life {Personal Work}  It is where I found the picture I am sharing with you and made me want one just like it with my sweet Haven and soon to be baby girl #2 :)

So take a moment, go check out Wild {whim} photography, show her some love, and be inspired on this beautiful Friday!
Sending much xoxo your way...
Lollie and Cryssi

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