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I Love you as Much as the {Sea is Wide}

When coming up with the concept of our children shoot for our Jane Austen workshop, we couldn't help but be inspired by Margaret from Sense and Sensibility. Her dynamic spirit, spunky attitude and love for adventure caused us to stop and imagine what she would do if she were to put on a play... this is what we envisioned:)!

I Love you as Much as the Sea is Wide
by : Margaret Dashwood

There once was a boy who loved a girl very much. He could not help but think of her day and night. Though his love for her was very fierce, he could never seem to find the courage to speak to her, much less tell her of his undying love for her.


This is the story of that boy, and his plan of winning that lovely girl.
Lyra was lovely. Some may say she was the loveliest girl in the land, including John Dickens. Lyra had a secret though. Her father was a drunkard who whipped her if she did not do exactly as he said, and though she loved her father, she feared him just as much. Lyra would stare out her window dreaming of the day that she could fly away and be truly loved.

John Dickens was the boy we mentioned earlier, and little did Lyra know he was in such despair to be with her, that he decided to kidnap her and take her away. John lived in a small village, where he was raised as a fisherman, and he knew using his boat was the perfect way to kidnap his lovely Lyra. He would kidnap her in his boat, and never look back.

First he came up with a disguise... he would play the role of the antagonist, and hope that somehow one day, when he really showed her his loving side, that she would learn to return that love. So he came up with his disguise,

And began to wait by the shore, waiting for her to take her daily stroll ... He didn't have to wait long


before he spotted her skipping along the coast line.


As she skipped closer and closer, he heard her humming the sweetest tune he had ever heard.


He loved her, and he knew if never did another thing in his life, she had to be his!
"MUAHAHAHA" he chuckled as he began to bind Lyra's wrists to the mast pole.

Lyra was afraid, but being the brave girl she was, she spoke calmly,"Who are you?" John had to think quickly, though he didn't think she would know who he was anyway, he did not want to give away his identity, yet.Suddenly a name came to him ,"Rodrigo, he replied."

Yes, Rodrigo was the perfect antagonist name, he was pleased with how sly he was.
"I demand you to release me"Lyra squealed, but John couldn't do it.  He loved her too much, and he knew one day, she would love him to. So, he silenced her with his sword, and whispered, "I shall take you on an adventure."

Just then John jumped into the boat and pushed off to sea. Lyra was afraid...


but to be perfectly honest, there was a part of her that was excited about the prospect of an adventure and a new life away from harm. She would come up with a plan, one way or another to set herself free.


There was only one problem, she would be leaving behind the boy she secretly loved. She had never spoken of it, and had never dared let her heart believe that she would one day be free of her father and married to that lovely fisherman boy, but now she knew it would never be, and it weighed heavy on her heart and mind.

As they sailed for days Jon became worried that he had done the wrong thing.

He saw how sad Lyra was, and though he tried to comfort her, nothing seemed to stop her sorrow. He would only see a slight smile cross Lrya's face when he would mention to her adventure.


This seemed to please her, and pleasing her gave him continuous hope.
So he continued to look and continued to hope for land. He knew that once they were alone, he could woo her heart, but not here, not on this small boat. Land had to be close, but where? They just kept going in circles


And when they had both almost lost hope it happened...


Their joy and jubilation was suddenly turned to fear, when a dark ominous cloud crept over their boat.  Lyra began to scream as the waves began to kiss the side of the boat.


This was it, she would never again see her love, she would never again see her father, and now she knew, she would never live long enough to have her adventure.



Curtain rises to a new scene, a whimsical fairytale world, where our hero, and lovely maiden are washed up on the shore of what seems to be the loveliest place on earth.  Their boat is broken and both are separated passed out.


John awakens, and begins to look for his lovely Lyra. It was all a disaster... why had he ever taken her?Would he ever see her again?  His mind was completely clouded with grief.

Up the shore, Lyra awoke to her hands loosed from the ropes.


 This was the first time she had felt happy this whole time.  The scheme she had worked on would finally pan out, and she knew that adventure awaited her. All she had to do was get Rodrigo's sword.

There he was up the shore looking for his beloved Lyra.  She quietly tip toed behind him, reached for his sword...


She couldn't help but giggle a little.. the captive would be come the captor.  She was a brave girl, and in this moment, she was sure of it.


"I've got you," she yelled at Rodrigo, in a complete tone of glee. John was so happy to hear his beloved's voice that he turned around stunned to see his own sword pointed back at him.


This was it.  He had to come clean, he wanted more time to woo Lyra, but he knew now this would never happen.  How could she ever love a boy like him, when she was so fair.
As Lyra stood victorious over her captor, laughing at him in a triumphant tone, John dropped his mask.  He knew this was the end, and that she would never love him...


As John began to look up at Lyra to beg for his life, and her forgiveness, Lyra gasped.


Lyra could not think.  All of her fear and doubt, washed away from her.  It was him, her fisherman boy,  Her love. As she sank down in disbelief, they both knew, their adventure had only begun.


They had truly found love.  They had never been able to tell each other how the other felt, but there it was right in front of them all along.


And there on this enchanted island the two of them lived in love and adventure, safe from harm...


The lovely Lyra


and her handsome fisherman John Dickens


A big shout out to our Lyra & John.. they were phenomenal:) and if you feel like you have seen Lyra {Rachel} before, she is phenomenal in the hit show Homeland.

Renee & Rachel with Claire Danes- Showtime Homeland - "Blindspot" Episode from Saint Family on Vimeo. Pin It Now!

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  1. Love, love, love! I especially love the story that accompanied your beautiful photos. I think Margaret would've have loved the play ;0)