Saturday, March 24, 2012


WELCOME to our first DIY DELIGHTS post.. we are super excited to expand your imagination! WE do so many DIY projects whether it be fashion, decor, or just something for one of our shoots. We want to share these lovelies with you, and a little peek into how we did it.

My first post I was inspired by another fellow DIYer who chevroned some moccasins. I have had these little canvas shoes 4 years now. When my Meemaw passed away, we all rifled through her closet.. taking our favorite pieces to hold and cherish and love on. Seeing how I was her same shoe size {LUCKY} I grabbed every pair of shoe, whether or not I would ever wear them. They were hers and special to me. I have kept every pair, and came across 2 little canvas pairs while recently cleaning out my closet. I came up with an idea to make them wearable.. and here is our first DIY project from our homes and closets to yours!


What you need:
Paints : whatever the color
Tape : I used painters, and cut the width down a little, but masking tape would work too
Scotch Guard
A pair of canvas shoes
A little patience

ATTEMPT 1 : A Bit of a Failure!
I taped my chevron pattern all perfect, and began to paint my pattern. I got all done and pulled the tape off, and did not like the width or what I saw... My original plan was to paint white where you see the painters tape.. this was my first result prior to painting white.
YUCK.. wasn't happy at all :)
So I decided to paint the whole tongue a light peach.. and retry.!
So I repainted the whole thing and allowed to dry 100 %. I retaped. The tape did not want to stay completely, so I used it just as an outline, and used a small brush to go around the edges. After I painted the shoes, I allowed the rest of the paint to dry 100% before removing tape. Make any touch ups you may need {I didn't have any touch up issues}! Scotch Guard at least twice.
A perfect little flat for spring, summer, shoots, or weddings! My meemaw's shoes made new again! I love the outcome!
Check back soon for another DIY with the Sassy Sisters!
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