Saturday, July 28, 2012

Let the Games Begin!

If you watched the opening ceremonies last night (like I, Lollie, did) then you had a blast experiencing fun moments like the Queen's "skydiving", Mr. Bean's musical talents, and of course the Mary Poppins bit with the children in bed. My family snuggled up and watched the 2012 Opening Ceremonies from our comfy home here in NC. Havie G must have said over and over again "I want to go to the Olympics!!" (and what child doesn't?) I remember being at the beach in 1996 when Keri Strug's landed the famous one foot vault. My sisters and I would dream of being gymnastic Olympic finalists... even to the point of my sister Jessica spraining her ankle doing a vault off of a wooden beam in the back yard!

I sifted through all those memories last night and after hearing Havie say over and over "Go USA! USA! USA!" and my heart pumping with the adrenaline of competitive spirit, I decided that we did not have to wait for her to make the Olympic team... we could compete NOW!

So, after an afternoon of busy art time with Havie making an American flag, a picture of the Queen, a USA sign, Gold medals..... we decided to have our own Wagoner Family Olympic games. We hope this gets you in the mood for the games and full of giddy excitement for your country and your favorite sport (mine being Volleyball!)

Enjoy our goofy video... dont mind my shaky hand... videoing with a baby on your hip is no easy task!

olympics from Lauren Wagoner on Vimeo.

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