Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Cheer : 1 Find the Tree

The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is :

These Simple Steps.  This season follow us as we gather to do our Family traditions, and share them with you!  These are all our go to family traditions, that fill our hearts with cheer, and our souls with peace.

The first way that we find Christmas cheer starts with the tree.  We have always had real trees, in our family, anything else is blasphemy, so one of our favorite traditions, was always the day that we would go find the tree.  As a family of 5 girls {and dad} you can imagine how picky we were about the tree.  We had a saying every year after the tree was home, snug in the gorgeous ceramic tree holder, lights being strung, and ornaments laid out ready to adorn the tree...  the saying was... ," Wow this is the best tree we have ever had."  We still say it to this day.

What's such a big deal about the tree... why spend so much time on something that will be out of your house in a month?  For us, it was a time to spend time together, to come together, and decide on something as a family.. the right perfect tree, that you will all gather around on Christmas morning, and if you were like my family who had a hard working dad that couldn't always be there.. a time to see 5 girls with a saw taking turns to hack away at a stump {Hilarious}

And as we end.. one more story as to why Christmas Trees  mean so much to us.  We grew up pretty poor.  The thing about being poor is that you don't know you're poor until you're not poor anymore, at least that's how I see it.   You would have thought that we would have realized we never got new clothes unless it was Christmas, or that many nights my dad would go into the pantry and gather whatever cans he could find to make his not so famous "matter mess" for Dinner, and though we had way more than 99% of people in the world, and the Lord never let us go without, we would have been considered poor to most.  I remember one Christmas in particular.  It was a rather hard one.  I, Cryssi,  was in the 4th grade, and my dad's work had been slow {Seems to be the life of a carpenter}.  I remember my precious mom explaining to us that we couldn't get a tree yet, but would have to wait a little.  My mom never let on of our money troubles.. the last thing she would have wanted was for us to worry, but the thing we didn't know is that we just didn't have money for a tree that year.  Lollie walked into class a few weeks before Christmas, and lying on her desk was an envelope of money.  The only thing on it was a few words... for a Christmas tree.   We were blessed.  God saw it favorable to even meet such a small need as a Christmas tree.  I will never know who did that for my family... who helped us meet that need of Christmas Tree by allowing us to keep our tradition, but I want to start off this list of Christmas Cheer by saying thank you.

Don't know where to find a tree farm... check out this handy dandy site.

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  1. This made me tear up...thanks for sharing!

  2. Perfection! Love this!

  3. may I ask what font you are using in this post? The whole post is just so beautiful!!!!