Friday, April 16, 2010

{Honey} Bee Mine

As much as we love all of our brides, and you do know that we love you all, when we met Allison, we definitely felt a connection.  So much, that after our first coffee date, she said she felt like she could sit around with us in her underwear.  Well, Allison, we feel the same:)  As much as we LOVE Allison and her {honey} there was something at their shoot that I think loved them even a little more than us {Bees}.  

This was an interesting shoot for us, because I guess the bees were out due to the massive massive amount of pollen in the air.  My feet were yellow by the end of the shoot to prove it, and these guys definitely had some allergy problems, but they were major troopers, and stuck out with a smile. 

Oh and just a funny story for you, they were changing in the pool house, and Lauren warned me to not step in the pool, which had a cover on it.  I made some lame joke about how if anyone were to step in the pool it would be Lauren {reference back to when Lauren lost her shoe in about 3 feet of mud} or {when lauren stepped into a swamp at a wedding throwing the Bride's dress over her head to make sure it was unscathed.  Anyways, i turned around gabbing my head off as usual and stepped right onto the poll cover and was about 3 steps in before I realized what I had done.. Luckily the cover held and i am still alive today... with a camera full of pics.

So here are some adorable and {Bee}autiful pics from this engagement session. Just a few more weeks until their wedding in Fort Mill, Sc. YAY can't wait. Enjoy, and check our facebook on Monday for a larger sneak peek of this session.




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