Saturday, April 17, 2010

Love in {Train}ing

How authentic are these guys.  Not only do they look like they stepped right out of a Carey Grant film, but their names are Donnie & Helen! I know right, we love it.  We were really scared these guys were not going to make it to the shoot, when they got caught in traffic during their {5} hour trip from Va, but they made it {wheew}!

We can not wait until June when we get to travel up to Va for their wedding.  Trust me this one is going to be for the books.  This is just such a unique couple.  Donnie is into all things sleek and modern, and Helen is definitely more classic.  They compliment each other so well, and were honestly so easy to work with.  Thank you guys so much for making this hectic, yet amazing shoot happen.  Ya'll are the best:)





check our facebook soon for a larger sneak peek of this session!

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