Sunday, November 27, 2011

faith as a mustard seed...

hello loves...
  i am writing this tonight with no fancy pictures or lovely smiles at the bottom of the page... just some words. i want to start by saying that i love facebook... i do! it has connected me with so many amazing people who i would never meet before i walk the street of gold.... people all across the world with so many different walks of life.  One of those people is Lizzie Metcalf. We did a blog post about Lizzie's strength and faith during such a crazy mountain-filled time of her life. We oohed and ahhhed at her pictures, but I think i oohed and ahhhed at her strength more than anything. i have been blessed to share her story of courage with so many, including some of my youth who struggle day to day.

well, today, that same sweet strong Lizzie share with me a story about another amazing woman of faith who is battling right now, Raelyn Luchansky. She is one tough beautiful momma who was diagnosed with cancer while being 6 months pregnant with her second child. i am a little  over 7 months preggers right now and cannot even begin to imagine the emotional, confusing, roller coaster that i am sure she went through... her sweet baby lived through her first 2 rounds of chemo and was born, a beautiful boy! Right now Raelyn is struggling with finding a form of chemo that works. she and her family have stood so strong, so straight and true for Christ during all of this... when so many of us would faint and falter, she still wears a smile.

so this is my challenge to you... in the midst of all the Christmas hustle and bustle... just take a few minutes and say a prayer for the Luchansky family. Turn off the radio and pray. Pause from facebook and pray. Pray while you are cleaning, eating, working... pray for strength for their family. Pray for joy during the tough times. Pray that the tears of confusion will be replaced with tears of pure love. Pray that peace will come to them through the uncertainties. Pray that His beautiful will may shine through into their hearts. Just pray.

I believe in the power of prayer. i saw it do some pretty amazing things growing up in my life. i cling to the verse in james "the effectual FERVENT prayer of a righteous man availeth much"

You can view Raelyns story at this link

and you can view some of the lovely photos that Lizzie did for their adorable family at S'Wonderful Photography on facebook... share their story and share the prayers!

xoxoxoxo :)
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