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Workshop 2011 Review

workshop review
We are so thrilled to be announcing our Fall 2012 workshop on Monday... we wanted to give you an overall look and peek into the wonderful 3 days we had in October with our last workshop.

The workshop was held in a very special place, Brattonsville Sc.  Nestled in between farmland, this gem of a town is still in prime shape of it's former 1700's glory.  The first day is always so fun, introductions, a feast for the bellies, and a pep talk to start our week off right.  It was held in the lovely bed and breakfast that the majority of the photographers stayed in.  Lollie and I definitely had the jitters, but were so thrilled that these amazingly talented photogs, had come to us to really learn and stretch themselves.  After 6-7 hours {literally it was amazing} of really sharing with each other, we called the first night quits:)

The next 2 days were a whirlwind of knowledge, shoots, sessions, sessions, and more session, and laughs and memories that we will truly treasure always.  Word spread fast in the small town that photogs had infiltrated, and even a news crew showed  up to take part in the action.  This workshop was based on one of our favorite authors, Jane Austen, and we really stretched ourselves with the concepts of each shoot. Our goal with every session we do, is to be a storyteller, and if we wanted to teach the girls anything {above the business side, finding light, propping with a purpose, editing and design} it was how to tell a visual story through still images.  We had some lovely models volunteer to help us out, and were thrilled to have Rachel Saint who plays in the hit show Homeland come help model for us in our children shoots based on the imagination of Margaret from Sense and Sensibility.

We were also thrilled and honored to have Mary Ellen and Jacob Arnold {drummer for the amazing Worship artist Matt Redman} be our models for our indie Pride and Prejudice shoot.   You can also check out how amazing Mary Ellen is on our adorable fashion/style/just amazing blog Skye Teal.

Every day each of us pushed ourselves more.  We ended up doing 4 shoots instead of 3 which was crazy, amazing, and honestly the moments of our last session with Havey G and Lollie as the sheep baayyeedd and the sun hung low in the sky were some of my favorites.  Listening to Haven "play" the guitar and sing Eidelweiss to her mama's belly, knowing her own little sis Adelveis would soon be born meant the world to me and brought me to tears.  Being able to share these moments of joy and pure passion that Lollie and I have for photography and this business, with such amazingly talented women who trusted us enough to take time out of their schedules, some of them flying all the way across the USA was just humbling and honoring.  We were so blessed to be able to spend this time with these ladies, and hope and pray that our next workshop is just as amazing { and from the plans of it... I hope it surpasses it!}

So now enough of my babbling.. here is a look into our workshop!
Portrait session
davina 16
children session
014Kids workshopDSC_6719
022Kids workshopDSC_6744
032Kids workshopDSC_6776
117Kids workshopIMG_4578
106Kids workshopIMG_4517
kids1048Kids workshopDSC_6818001Kids workshop      1facebook


077Kids workshopDSC_6890
couple session
172Mary EllenDSC_7356
101Mary EllenDSC_7168
as seen on Green Wedding Shoes

family session

raves and reviews

.HOLY MOLY awesome workshop. for months i anticipated this workshop. we had a private facebook group which helped us get to know each other before we came....we all immediately "virtually" clicked as friends. other than making life long friends, i learned so much from lollie and cryssi. from balancing life and running a business to creatively styling a session. i was so inspired by their love for God, life, and photography. Lollie and Cryssi are just people you want to be around and I am so grateful for the chance to have just been around and learn from them. Each session they styled for us to shoot at the workshop was OVER THE TOP AMAZING. This workshop changed my outlook on photography so much and i am so blessed to know all of the amazing ladies that i attended with. if you are even considering attended DO IT. you won't regret it.-  PhotoChic

YO. if you do nothing else this year for your photography business, GO TO A SASSY WORKSHOP. you will find yourself in a whimsical world of wild color and some serious over the top creativity. to see lauren and christen in their element is fantastic and super inspiring. not only are they are so ridiculously creative that it made my head spin and heart flutter, they are so humble and felt like i've known them forever. one of the favorite parts of attending a sassyfras workshop was the friendships i made. in the months leading up to the workshop, i got to know christen and lauren, as well as the other girls who would be attending on facebook. it's such a blessing to know all of these ladies and have each of them come alongside me as an artist. not only have i learned so much from ALL these lovely and talented women, i have made some serious long lasting friendships! HAVE YOU SIGNED UP YET???!!!!!!- Jessica Oh Photography

I have owned my business for a few years now, and found it very hard to set myself apart from the crowd. I discovered the Sassy sisters and fell in love with not only them, but their work and everything they live for. Honestly, I went to the workshop because I knew it would be a blast, but also to learn a few photoshop tricks, I really didnt expect to learn as much as I did. They really opened my eyes to the client relationship side of it, the branding (which I had all wrong), propping for a purpose, and of course, a little photo shop  I would go again in a heartbeat! These girls LOVE what they do and put their hearts and souls into every aspect. I grew to love these crazy gals in their painted grandma shoes. Cant wait for my chance to go again! ~ Up in the Sycamore {photography} ~ Kadi Spurlock

There are a handful of photographers out there that continue to inspire in & day out, Sassyfras is one of them. Christen & Lauren are both beautiful on the inside as well as the outside and that being said, I was very comfortable in taking part in their first workshop. The 3 days was packed with non-stop talks & shoots that helped each & every one of us pick up new & inspiring thoughts and ideas...if anything, I wish the workshop would have been a week! I made amazing friends, picked up some useful information and best of all, got inspired. If anyone is just starting out in the photography business or even a veteran, I would recommend the workshop to them, worth the time & money for sure! Christina Block Photography

The sassyfras studios workshop felt like a giant gathering of lifelong friends. As soon as I walked through the doors, I was greeted with warm southern hellos from Lollie and Cyrssi. Feeling like friends returning to see each other, even though we have never met. I loved how our small group of 13 developed into a tight knit family bypassing the introductions and going straight into hugs and playful conversations. Our little family, was brought into the whimsical world of Jane Austen with the stunning house we had our photo shoots and sessions in, truly transporting us into a world of it's own. The sessions were so insightful and full of giggles, learning about flow posing, then actually getting to see Christen direct the models and watch her in action. The sassy sisters covered everything from, purposeful posing, branding, how they edit their amazing pictures to give them that divine glow and my favorite, propping with a purpose which helps tell the story. Sassyfras Studios is exceptional at creating a story that transports you into a imaginative place where dreams become reality, and where romance and whimsy combine to create a stunning photograph and memories. Truly my favorite part about the whole workshop experience was just seeing the inspiration and the props, and how Lollie and Cryssi work together and flow through the photo shoot making the couple feel so natural and relaxed. By the last day I knew it was coming to an end and I was holding onto every last minute. Saying goodbye I was crying because these are not just amazing photographers but they are my heroes. I look up to them so much, they have amazing faith which pours out of them and you can see their love for Jesus in all they do. They are the sweetest girls you will ever meet and they are extremely creative and talented in their craft. The first day the next workshop is announced I will be signed up for it, it was a experience I will never forget. It was life changing and eye opening in my photography and and I made life long friends through it.-Nikkie Krecicki Photography

I can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed your wonderful workshop!! It was magical, inspiring and just plain fabulous! Love that I walked away with new friends, new ideas and just some great time to reflect and refocus on my work. I loved meeting both of you crazy talented gals- Jen Snyder Design

I just wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for this weekend.  It was amazing and Im so thankful I was able to come.  You ladies have def gave me the push I needed to go forward.- Deanna McCasland Photography

I attended the first SassyFras workshop in October and it changed the way I photograph forever! Already being a HUG fan of the girls I was so excited for this workshop! I got more out of it then I thought I would. Not only did they teach me how to shoot manual and let me into their magical world of lighting and props but, the friendships and bonds that were made where priceless! Thank you SO much Lollie and Cryssi!!! If you are considering taking one of their workshops... don't wait long because you don't want to miss out!- WIllow Workks Studio

Thank so much ladies.. you all make us blush!!!
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