Saturday, July 14, 2012


What defines us? Sometimes I feel that who I am as a photographer defines who I am in my daily life.. did my blogposts get enough hits, how much noise did my new picture on Facebook make... am I attracting new fans to my business.. did everyone LOVE the new DIY project we did?  It is hard to set ourselves apart in this business, and not let our work define us, but let who we are as individuals define our work.

YUCK.. it can be hard as a photographer not to get discouraged , especially if you are in the wedding industry. It is cut-throat and down right exhausting some days. Do we ever step back and look at the lovely stories we are celebrating? those once in a lifetime moments we are able to capture and go "WOW... I am in the middle of something special"...  even on those wedding days where everyone is running behind (even the guests) and you are playing wedding coordinator, makeup artist, and photographer extroardinaire... and yet still have the major task of being creative, upbeat, compassionate, and just excited, in the midst of stifling 105 degree weather.

Trust us, we know all about it, but guess what.. we LOVE every minute of it. We are so thrilled to be called storytellers, to capture love stories, and to be there for so many first official husband and wife kisses. We revel in the first dances and roll with the punches of a late groomsmen.  We are passionate about our jobs because it is a gift to be invited into so many intimate moments...  like the moments right before the bride walks down the aisle when her daddy whispers something in her ear, that only she will ever know. That moment where the groom is on cloud nine and can't help but be jittery. That special moment when a handsome man turns around to see his one and only in the gown made just for her... you can't hear it, but you know his heart just skipped a beat! How lucky we are to be photographers, and it is important for us to remember it.

Three short years ago, this month, we started a little business called Sassyfras Studios. Time flies by so fast, but within this short amount of time, we have been beyond blessed to photograph and engage in some AMAZING weddings. Our couples come to us to tell their story in a unique and powerful way. It is important for us to find out individually who each one of our brides and grooms are, what makes them unique, and what makes their love explosive. Our style is not to come to a wedding with a pose list and "click click click" because we know that each of our bride and grooms are different and unique, and their wedding day should reflect their personalities.
So, you're probably wondering what this whole spill is about.. rewind back to Define. It is because of this driven passion for love stories that we have been asked to teach at The Define School.  We are just honored and blessed to share this with YOU.

We will be teaching a class just for you photogs{even if you are just aspiring}. It will be an AMAZING 6 weeks of knowledge, fun homework assignments, and some great QandA times. We will be pushing your boundaries on the A to Z of wedding photography, taking you through our process from beginning to end. We will be doing everything from how to find your style, book the clients you want, manage your workflow and editing, keeping a consistent look, and how to just be darn creative, among many other things! Registration for our first class will be opening August 13th, and the class will begin on the 27th. We look forward to having a great time interacting with each of you who decide to go on this new journey with us to further Define who we are as photographers, and help define the photographer you want to be! Pin It Now!


  1. So EXCITED for you lovely ladies to get your teacher-game on! Will be rooting for you two with lots of happy vibes, hugs, and love! xoxoxo

  2. Great post, ladies! and congratulations on 3 beautiful years doing what you love most. So proud of your accomplishments! (professional AND personal!)