Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sassy Housewife... My 5 grocery changes this week

Happy Rainy (hopefully snowy soon!) Thursday Loves...
     I think most people can agree that a grocery trip is one of the most dreaded moments of the week... the lines, the kiddos running down the aisles knocking over jars of glass pickles, the total dollar amount at the end. It can be a rough couple of hours, and sometimes leads to bad decisions. In the chaos of trying to get out of there quickly, we sometimes can listen to our five year olds begging for that bag of cookies or giant container of cheese puffs... and in our frustrations, we give in. Healthy options are not always the most popular option but it can end with some new fun favorites with your family plus maybe losing a few pounds in the process. Also, take an extra trip to the farmer's market. By developing relationships with farmers you can find many that are pesticide free, organic, and allow their animals to be free range. We are chatting with one right now about grass fed cow meat and a boat load of veggies!
    Some of you know of Haven's sick history and the problems we have had with it. We now are trying to conquer her problems and our health by making yummy easy choices. Here are 5 easy choices that are healthy for our daughters (and us) plus are pretty yummy. 

1. Tea  sweetened with yummy honey. Both black and green tea have lots of yummy benefits like loads of antioxidants (I learned that their benefits are almost identical so have fun picking your fave flavor!)...  Honey also has nutrients, but beware of how much you use for the calories can quickly add up! Skip the soda aisle. Even diet soda has terrible side effects like kidney and tooth damage as well as bone loss.
 2. Snikiddy Eat Your Vegetables Chips... No MSG, no trans fat, gluten free, cholesterol free, 1 serving of veggies in every ounce, and an excellent source of vitamin A. I discovered these for Haven who loves those dreaded cheetos at lunch... and guess what? She ate them right up! :)
 3. Fruits for the sweet tooth. Strawberries, apples, grapes, pineapple, etc.... are such a great swap for the cookie aisle. I have never been a fruit person (shocker- my family cant believe this!) but I am learning to find the yumminess in fruits that I normally would skip over. Havie G took a Pink Lady Apple this morning for snack and ate it right up (even with her loose tooth)
4. One thing that was strongly suggested to us for Havie G was switching over to organic milk. Yes, it is more expensive but the shelf life is much longer. Plus, it is missing artificial hormones like BGH that are given to cows producing regular milk. Lastly, all organic dairy cows are SUPPOSED to spend most of the year pasture grazing as opposed to feeding lots... which makes me feel better about drinking it. It is also packed full of nutrients, yummy calcium and lots of vitamins. We choose whole milk because lil A needs more fat for her teenie brain development, but organic milk comes in all forms (2%, 1%,skim, and even chocolate!) 
 5. Free Range Eggs... If I had a choice I would have my own chicken but where we live makes it nearly impossible. But there are lots of local farms near us who raise free range chickies and have lots of yummy eggs. Many in our area feed organic feed as well... keeping as many pesticides out of our diets as possible. Yes, a trip to the outdoor market may be out of the way but it is a great way to support your local farmer and keep healthier options in your home.

Like I said, some of these may not be the easiest or most popular options but we are taking lil baby steps to better our lifestyle. Tony and I have lots to learn and are completely open to new suggestions on ways to guide our family down the healthy road. Feel free to send any our way! Much love and happy grocery shopping :)
Lollie and Cryssi 

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