Monday, January 14, 2013

The Sassy Housewife : Ed. 1

We are beyond excited about 2013 and not only what it holds for our business but what it holds in our personal and home lives. We are not big on "resolutions" but rather goals and lifestyle changes we want to follow through.  If you know us, then you know that we love our soda {cherry lemon sun drop} and our pizza and cheeseburgers, I could go for a Penguin Drive In Burger and fried pickles right about now!  We have done some soul and life purpose searching, and have realized above everything else in 2013 we want to be great wives, and Lollie, a great wife and mother, and along with great daughters to our heavenly father.

This is definitely a new journey for me, Cryssi, who before this week never cooked 5 meals in a single week in her life.  All that has changed, and we are beyond excited about sharing our domestic journeys, tips, tricks, recipes, pinterest flops & success, and fun little tidily bits with you all!

First this is one is for all you WOOF WOOF lovers.  Yes I Cryssi, love, like love love my animals, Lollie thinks it is a bit weird.  I have 2 dogs, Roxy who is 10, and Gidget, just turned one.  I have Buckwheat, my adorable black cat who adopted me and Justin 2 years ago.  Literally as we were moving into the rental house we were living at the time, she walked right in with us.

One thing Lollie and I are really trying to do this year is being more conscious of toxins and unhealthy things that are in our food.  This pertains to our animals, our my babies, too.  The whole story started after my dad brought home a rather obscure pack of dog treats for Gidget.  Leary and not sure I wanted to give them to my suppose to be Yorkie, I actually think she is an American Terrier, I searched the company to see what people had to say.  Well a few google searches later, I saw that little doggies had been dying from these  {GASP}.  The company had thought to have been putting fillers, probably plastic in the food and it was killing dogs.  After a few more google searches I realized that ALOT of dog treats and food were pouring in with reports of killing perfectly healthy little doggies.

So the journey began to not buy any more treats.  I first learned Gidget adored apples after visiting our local apple farm, and she ate every one in sight.  So if you don't want to make these treats, I suggest trying apples.  My dog LOVES them.    Last night I came across a Pinterest Pin on homemade dog treats, and since I had all the ingredients in the house I took the whole 7 minutes it took to make them and I made them...


Mix the Milk and Peanut Butter together, then add the Oats one cup at a time until all mixed together.
Then take mixture and roll into bite size balls placing on a wax paper lined cookie sheet.  Place in fridge for an hour to let stiffen.  I then stored mine in a large Mason Jar in the fridge.

And how does Gidget like them?? See for yourself.  I couldn't get a clear picture of her she was jumping up trying to get the treat, and my hand along with it if needs be!

P.s. My dad ate one not knowing what they were... he really liked them, in case you get hungry ;)!

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